“Whether you are looking to buy brand new, pre-owned, or lease a vehicle, E & A Auto Group is here
to help with a hassle free approach.”

About E & A Auto Group

E & A Auto Group was created in 2017 by Edgar Hovhannisyan as an offshoot of his insurance business, E & A Insurance Center.

Creating a loyal and diverse clientele in his insurance business, it was fitting to transfer the same high level of service towards Edgar’s passion, CARS. A classic case of passion meeting demand, the idea picked up steam quickly among his clients. Instead of referring his clients to outside car brokerages and receiving numerous mixed reviews, it was time to fulfill his passion and start his auto company


Is Driving a new vehicle with no repair costs more important to you than long term savings? How important is reliability and dependability in your daily transportation? These are some of the things to consider when debating whether to buy or lease a car. Leasing offers advantages that are often times overlooked. By Leasing, you will keep your monthly car payments low and have the option of driving a new model car every 2-3 years. Leasing allows you to pay a portion of the car’s cost during the term of your lease. Leasing also allow you to finance and purchase your vehicle after the lease term is over. On the other hand, buying (although a smart long term option) requires installment payments over a certain period until the car loan is paid in full, which essentially makes the monthly payments higher (compared to leasing).

Our approach to finding the best lease options for our customers is our ability to navigate special offers from the many dealerships and car companies that we work with. We are not solely dependent on one make and model like your neighborhood car dealership.


E & A Auto Group works with many car dealerships in Southern California to provide the best deals for all makes and models. Whether you are looking to buy a brand new car or a pre-owned vehicle, whether you are looking to get financed or make a cash purchase, we will find the best deal for you!

Why Work With US?

  • Regardless of your budget or credit, we have programs and resources to assist in your car buying

  • Service has been a hallmark of our success and we always strive to satisfy and fulfill all of our customers’ car buying needs.

  • We strive to make the car buying experience as stress free and honest as possible. Getting a great deal is always better when you are dealing with a company that is transparent and determined to do more car deals for you in the future.

  • Our new Customers are mostly referred to us by a previous Customer or Friend, therefore almost all of our customers have a first-hand account or reference of our excellent service and negotiating capability.

  • We offer free delivery services. Whether we find the best deal for you in Carlsbad, CA or Carson, CA, we will deliver the car to you.

  • Honest, genuine, hassle free approach that makes every customer a top priority.